Jockstrap Torture

 This is probably some of my favorite kind of hazing.  Using a jock as the key element in a hazing is fuckin’ hot!!!  The athletes definitely have the right idea about how to humiliate a fellow team member and bring him down to size.  Fortunately, jockstrap torture has migrated to frats, the military  and others.  Nothing quite so humiliating as being forced to touch, sniff or suck on a jockstrap, especially if you are unwilling, it’s not clean, and it’s not YOURS!  So strap up and enjoy!

We’re gonna have some fun, rookie!
Here it comes…
I’ve been wearin’ this all week… Enjoy!
Eat my jockstrap, bro!!
Thank you sir, may my ass have another?
Take a big whiff, fucker!
Rookie Wide Receiver payin’ his dues…
You want into this frat maggot, yer gonna sniff my dirty jock all night long!
Look who lost the frat house wrestling tournament!
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  • 3 years ago
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